Camel Oversized Sweater

By far my most worn color this winter, all camel everything!!! It has been CHILLY this week and nothing cures the cold weather blues like a chunky oversized sweater. This one is on sale right now for 40% and is available in several colors! I threw this on today and thought I’d make a change from looking like a bum, so I added these leather leggings. Leather leggings have been a staple in my closet for the last 2 years and are such a great way to dress up cozy winter outfits. Mine are fleece lined (warmth!!!) and super old (actually from target) but I found the 2 most raved about pairs for you guys down in the links below! These sock booties have also been a staple for me as of late. The idea that they’re the equivalent of wearing socks helps in making them so comfortable and they stay in their original shape SO well. Everything is linked below all the pics for you to shop!


Sweater / Fleece Lined Leather Leggings / Spanx Leather Leggings (they hold EVERYTHING in) / Boots

Cheers! Mackenzie

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