Oversized Sweater 2 Ways

I love a good oversized sweater, as you may know by now, but I especially love one that’s big enought to double as a dress! Being a tall girl, it is so difficult to find sweater dresses anywhere that are long enough to not feel like your cheeks are hanging out every step you take. Ordering a size up, I made this already cozy sweater big enough to double it’s wear.

Styled here with my fave everyday leggings and a pair of booties, this is a go-to comfy look for me. Who doesn’t love feelings like they’re in pjs all day, but still getting to look fashionable! Shop this look in the links below.

Sweater / Leggings / Boots

The second way I styled the sweater, is honestly my favorite. I would live in sweater dresses if they made more that fit me. I don’t know about you but, never having to wear pants sounds AMAZING to me. I’m linking several OTK options for you here. (I’ll be honest, if you’re looking for a cheap non-heel option these are good, but if you’re willing to invest, the Marc Fisher boots are so much more worth it.)

Unisa Black OTK Boots / Marc Fisher Black OTK Boots (30% OFF RN)

Cheers! Mackenzie

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