Boxy Flannel

I swore I would never dress up like a cowgirl when I was in high school in Texas. I did everything I could to avoid flannels for years after I left there, thinking that anything and everything plaid would make me look like a “hick”. Look at me now, always on the hunt for a cute and cozy flannel for the cold months. I’ve even been super into the cute plaid minis lately and really feel like I’m ready to bring back my private school girl years (lol).

This adorable flannel shirt meets all my requirements for not feeling like I’m out on the farm for the day. It cuts off almost at a cropped length and the sleeves have the same sleek cut, making it look more modern. The big buttons up the front are also hidden by the fabric, adding a more put together touch. I love that it fits right into my black and camel scheme I’ve had going on lately!

These entire outfit can be bought at Madewell and is great for a comfy, yet dressier look! Click the links below to shop!

Flannel / Black Jeans / Boots

Cheers! Mackenzie

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