Reflecting on a Great Year, So Long 2018

Another year has come and gone, and boy it’s been a good one. 2018 brought me some of my greatest joys and was an amazing followup to one of the hardest years of my life. So many wonderful things began for me this year, and I am giddy just sitting here thinking about them all. I traveled to Iceland and The Dominican Republic, I started so many new journeys, I fell in love, and I formed tons of new friendships.

Although 2018 wasn’t the year I moved to NYC, it was the year I learned to embrace the city and began to fully fall in love with it. I got to fully enjoy spending my time in Manhattan, found all of my favorite places, and was introduced to tons of amazing people. I moved to the city with the full intention of leaving after six months, but I now can’t even fathom the idea of living anywhere else. Truly the greatest city in the world (not biased or anything).

This year was the beginning of the best thing that has ever stumbled into my life, and that’s my relationship with Kenny. Man how that has changed my life drastically. I am overflowing with happiness and can’t believe I have been so blessed to meet my very best friend and the person I am madly in love with, all in one, at such a young age (all the cheesiness over here).

Another new beginning in 2018, was this blog! With the constant encouragement of my wonderful boyfriend, who is always looking for ways to help me strive, I found a way to express my passions through something that brings me joy each and everyday. I am so excited for all that this blog will bring me. I never feel burdened by it and look forward to the time I allot myself each day to write and create. My entire life I wanted a “thing” that I was good at. It was never a sport, or music, and I always felt that any creative activity I took place in just wasn’t the right fit.

I am SO very happy that I found an expressive form that feels like it truly suits me. I love getting to create and I hope that I can inspire with my fashion and travel content that I post moving forward. Thank you so much for following along on this journey and I hope you stick around to see all the exciting things that the new year brings! Thank you 2018 for such wonderful memories, experiences, and new beginnings.

Cheers! Mackenzie

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