New Year New Me. Am I Right?

New beginnings are always an exciting, magical, and scary experience, all in one. The start of a new year is the perfect time to start anew. So many people have resolutions they promise they’ll stick to each year that never last a month, including myself, but this year I’m choosing to change that! I have been blessed with what I feel like was the best year of my life in 2018 and I want to take advantage of that and really embrace all the new chance that have been presented to me! I’m a huge list maker and I firmly believe that writing out your goals is a step toward accomplishing them. I’m making two goal list this year, a personal one and one for my blog. I wanted to share my blog goals with you all to openly show you what I’m looking forward to here. I think we should cheer each other on in both our successes and our failures, and I’m okay with however my goals turn out.

First and foremost, I LOVE getting to write and create and this blog is solely a place for my creative mind to pour out. With that being said, I would also love if someday I have many people who want to share in this creative outlet with me.


1. I hope to have 10,000 followers on my insta page. This one is obviously quite an ambitious goal, but hey, I have hope! The more people that want to show up and see my posts each day, the more passion I have to share content!

2. Work with a brand I truly love and want to promote. Even with this as a creative forum, it would still be great to at least once have a brand I truly enjoy and actually use work with me.

3. Post one picture to Instagram every single day, and at least three blog posts a week. Consistency is the key to success my friends!

4. Get a account. I would be thrilled to have a simple, consistent way to send you guys to shop for my looks. I am so big on organization and always feel so all over the place with finding ways to share my outfits just on blog posts.

I hope that I can make all of these turn into realities in the new year and that maybe this encourages you to strive toward your own goals in 2019! Happy New Year lovelies!!!

Cheers! Mackenzie

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