Everyday Cozy Warm Boots

Ever Since moving to NYC, I have struggled with never ending foot problems. The first summer I lived here I had ZERO idea that I would go 3-5 miles a day walking and thought that when going out on the weekends I could wear any heels and not suffer consequences. Man I was wrong. This past fall I finally came to terms with my feet issues and have decided to only buy investment pieces and to do thorough research on any and all foot wear that I purchase while living here.

I had been on the hunt for a good pair of cozy shoes to feel comfortable in while running around Brooklyn during the day that also kept me warm as winter starts creeping in. I can happily say that I found the PERFECT solution. My wonderful step-mother was reading my blog post on my ultimate Christmas wish list and decided to surprise me with this pair of boots I had written about! Truly a thoughtful and amazing gift.

One of my all time fave bloggers, and the very first blogger I actually seriously followed, @courtney_shields, posted about these Ugg boots and have me the inspiration. I have NEVER owned a pair of Uggs in my life. Even when I was a total loser in middle school for not hopping on that train, I just never felt the desire to spend that much on shoes I really didn’t love the look of. These however, were a total game changer. They go with everything, don’t look like typical Uggs, are SO SOFT INSIDE, keep me extra warm, and are actually comfortable to wear all day. My new go-to shoes also fold down and snap with a little button, basically making them a 2-in-1 shoe! Can’t rave about them enough!

Click here to check them out and grab a pair for yourself!

Cheers! Mackenzie

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