Black Boots

Ladies, I have done endless searching for the perfect pair of quality, but not overly expensive black boots. Everything I tried was either a suede that easily faded, super uncomfortable, or over $200 (no thank you!!!). BUT, this is what I’d like to call the ultimate pair of boots. I love DSW and have for a long time because, as a girl with giant feet, I have such appreciation for a store that not only carries my size, but adds bright colored stickers to boxes that have my size inside. Shoe shopping use to be my least favorite thing on earth and made me feel so silly and abnormal, but THANK YOU DSW for breaking through that need-to-be-tiny stigma.

I love the quality of the leather on these, plus the little piece of stretch on the side that adds so much comfort. The block heel is great for walking or long periods of wear. My favorite part though has got to be the subtle silver touch at the toe, adding a hit of western edge and a little attitude. So fun!!

These babies are a great deal for such quality shoes, at $99. Right now you can use code REDHOT for 20% PLUS and additional 10% off with code HOTBOOTS. Talk. About. A. Steal.

Franco Sarto Bette Bootie

Cheers! Mackenzie

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