Spring Shoe Roundup From a Girl With Big Feet

My boyfriend and I share shoes. Sometimes he gets upset he can’t find his sneakers because I’ve brought them over to my apartment and left them there. Not a normal girl problem I know. Being tall has always created problems and restrictions for me when it comes to shopping. It really used to turn me off to it actually, I would dread the idea of going anywhere near a shoe store. I wear size 11 in shoes, and so many brands still don’t even make that size for women (like why?!). Every time I’d find a pair I loved, I always ended up disappointed and feeling like a giant or a freak because it wouldn’t come in a size that fit me.

Learning to embrace who you are is such an eye-opening and life-changing thing! Now, I love being tall! I love my long legs, even if they can’t fit in certain pants, I love to wear heels, even if it makes me taller than Kenny. And now, I REALLY love shoe shopping (just ask my closet, and the overflowing shoe rack outside of it).

Today I’m rounding up my top choice shoes for spring, all of which come in sizes bigger than 10! AND even better, all of which are under $70!!!

The Espadrilles trend is one I’ve taken a very long time to start coming around to, but I do love the look of these staple wedges!

These sandals are perfect slip-on-and-run-out-the-door shoes! Plus they come in 5 colors.

These block heel sandals are perfect for an outdoor wedding this spring, with such a fun pop of color! Also available in 3 other colors.

The Mule trend is another I had a hard time getting behind, mostly because it just seemed irattional to walk around the city in, but I am loving this classy sandal version. These also come in brown!

I am obsessed with these platform perforated sneakers! I love the blush color and they are so comfortable and breathable, the perfect spring shoe to spend all day walking in.

And of course, I saved the best for last. I am so on board with the big white sneaks trend, but I just can’t get with the dad sneakers haha. These have been my fave pair of shoes the last several weeks, whether with jeans or even a dress!

Cheers! Mackenzie

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