What to Wear to NYC in Summer

The first question anyone coming to visit me in the city asks is, without a doubt, “What do I WEAR!?” I remember my first summer in the city, I was no where near prepared for the heat and discomfort that comes with long distance walking, over crowding, and subway stations. Now, I’d like to consider myself an expert. The key to dressing for the city during summer time is COMFORT.

Little Dresses. The perfect way to stay comfortable, while looking adorable at the same time. The one issue I have with dresses, all points of the year, is chaffing. It happens to the best of us and is nothing to be ashamed of, but not something fun to experience. While keeping within the guidelines for comfort, I can’t suggest Spanx enough. They’ll help hold your tummy in, feel breezy, and have little shorts holding in your thighs that stay in place and prevent chaffing!!!

Knit Midi Dress-$60 Wrap Dress-$98 Floral Slip Dress-$168 Ivory Dress-$188

Shorts: cute but not when they’re riding up your sweaty butt on a dirty subway seat. I love a good pair of denim shorts, but if you’re wearing them in the city, make sure you’ve taken them out for a spin before hand. Shorts that are tight, too short, or ride up will make for an uncomfortable and dirty feeling day, and can lead to our good old friend, chaffing. Stretchy, soft fabric shorts will be your best friend here.

Marley Short – $79 Inland Sashed Short – $89 Pull-On Shorts – $44 High Rise Denim – $35

Jumpsuits and Rompers. If you follow me on instagram you already know about my love affair with rompers. What’s easier than a full outfit all in one piece? And don’t forget about having the comfort of a dress but with built in shorts so you don’t flash anyone!

Sayama Jumpsuit – $162 Mckinley Jumpsuit – $168 Selena Romper – $138 Lyla Romper – $138

Shoes: the most important part of this list. I have talked about how beat up my feet have gotten from this city in previous posts, so let me just reiterate it for you here to save you from that same pain. Comfort. Is. KEY. You don’t need that cute strappy pair of heels for a trip to NYC. The only time you’ll be wearing them is from a cab, into dinner, and back into the cab. Just not the most practical thing to pack. You don’t have to sacrifice fashion to find comfy shoes. Trust me, I have finally figured out the importance of investing in your feet. I’m actually really getting into the chunky sneaker trend, as is everyone in NYC. Since that isn’t for everyone, you can never go wrong with a pair of white sneaks, they go with everything, even dresses! If you wear heels out, make sure the heel is thick and there’s a back strap holding them in place to avoid rubbing and blisters. Comfy, sturdy sandals aren’t a bad option, but make sure they’re broken in before hand!

Fila Chunky Sneaks-$65 Adidas White Sneakers-$60 Steve Madden Platform Sneakers-$50 Espadrilles Platform Sandal-$50

Hope you found this guide helpful and have a blast exploring the best city in the world!

Cheers! Mackenzie

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