The Gift of Experience

From the very beginning of our relationship, Kenny and I have always given each other tickets to events for all our birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas gifts to each other. Sure, a new shirt is nice and it’s the thought that counts, by why not give it just a little extra thought? What’s that band they’ve been dying to hear live? Or their favorite team they wish they could splurge on tickets to see play? I’ve listed out some experiences I’ve previously gifted or have been gifted and who they’d work well for. All you need is a quick web search for the latest events near you, and you’re set!

Concerts– Do you have a band you bonded over? Know their favorite singer is coming into town? Kenny got me Kacey Musgraves tickets that were for a show that wasn’t for 3 months, but it was so exciting when I got them, and then I got to be excited all over again the day of the concert! So sweet for a close friend or your significant other.

Sporting Events– Sports are my guy’s entire world, so this one is just a given for me. If you have a guy that spends every Sunday watching all the football games, change it up with a surprise to see his favorite team one weekend! Basketball games are so fun ladies, and an event a lot celebrities and high end fashion people will be at (my favorite part is dressing for them of course haha). This one is a no brainer for the men in your life, and a great gift for dads too!

Shows– Wanting to see the latest play on Broadway? Watch stand up comedy on Netflix in their free time? Shows are such a fun gift for both the person receiving them, and you if you’re tagging along! This year I got tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld for Kenny’s Christmas gift. After being forced to watch 1,000 episodes of Seinfeld and listening to his stand up half our our road trip through Europe last May, it just seemed perfect, and his reaction to getting them was SO worth it. Broadway tickets would be my ideal gift (I was a theater nerd in high school) so hint hint at any of my friends reading this. Great for any friend, or family member!

A Weekend Getaway– This is a great gift, especially for a mom who needs time away from her kiddos, or your boyfriend who spends way too much time working. Plan a weekend trip somewhere that’s drivable distance, unplug and unwind at a B&B, or an upscale resort if that’s more your scene!

Cheers! Mackenzie

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