Giving Back During the Holidays

The season for giving and receiving is upon us, and while we feel great gifting presents to our loved ones, it is much too often that we forget those who are alone, hungry, and without gifts this month.

This year, start a wonderful new family tradition to start to remind yourselves that with all that you are blessed to have, it’s so important that you always give back to others who aren’t as fortunate.

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite organizations where you can donate food, clothing, toys, and your time, both this holiday season, and year round.


Donating clothes is easy to do, regardless of where you live! I clean out my closet about once a season, and am not at all the person who hangs onto things I don’t deem necessary. If I haven’t reached for it this year, odds are I’m not going to in the next year! I LOVE to use thredUP to send in bags of my gently used and in style clothes. They’ll go through and purchase some to resell (they’re the worlds largest online thrift shop), and donate or recycle the rest!

Another clothing option is one that is specific to helping people further their careers. Dress for Success is a non profit where you can donate gently used office-attire to women in need.

Donate old baby items or purchase new baby gear through Room to Grow.

You can donate coats, or $20 to help buy coats for New Yorkers through a New York Cares Coat Drive.


Rescuing Leftover Cuisine is an organization where leftover meals are picked up from events, and delivered to those in need. You can volunteer, under an hour a week, to help pick up and drop off food to help those in need this season. Additionally, you can schedule a pickup following your next office party or holiday event that you’re hosting, to donate your leftover food!


Don’t forget to not only offer up old belongs, but new ones too if you’re able. So many people out there have so little, and deserve new items as well. In addition, your time is one of the most valuable gifts you have to give. Look up your local soup kitchen to serve food, a women’s shelter to help out in, or local group that helps the needy in your community.

Make this season of giving, not just about getting.

Cheers! Mackenzie

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